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Our Story

For Years, Real Soap was endangered

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During the first World War, Big Soap began stripping natural ingredients from soap to make production cheaper and faster. Men were forced to settle for boring name brand bars that dried out their skin and made them smell like chemical-based beasts. The term “natural soap” was as rare and mysterious as the Squatch himself.

The Squatch Emerges...

Driven by a passion for all natural products and a realization that there were no companies out there making honest, all natural soap for dudes, our founder, Jack, began creating his own recipes out of his garage. After countless batches and hours spent perfecting the process, the Squatch bar emerged. A few friends tried it out…they loved it.

Constantly Raising The Bar

Fast forward a few years and millions of soap bars and happy customers later and The Dr. Squatch mission remains the same: to raise the bar for the men’s grooming industry and change the way men approach their hygiene by providing healthy, all natural products that allow you to feel like a man and smell like a champion.

Better Scents + Better Lather = A Better Shower

While most soap companies are focused on cutting costs, our focus is on creating a better bar and a better shower. With 9 scents that produce an intoxicatingly thick, foamy lather, a Dr. Squatch shower is an experience—a wilderness adventure that will have you coming up with excuses to get dirty, just so you can get clean.

But, why All-Natural?

Great question! Maybe you’re not the “all natural” type of guy. Maybe you enjoy your generic brand name bar or like to rub down with liquid detergent every day. But the truth is, you’re not a dish, you’re a man, and as a man you have some skin in the game, and that skin craves natural, nourishing ingredients like the ones found in our products.

We Make Soap The Right Way

We like to joke that our soap is square because we refuse to cut corners. It’s cheesy but it’s true – we use the traditional cold process for all of our soap to retain the glycerin and nutrients in each bar, without the need for harsh preservatives. On top of that, all our products are made in the USA, so not only are you supporting your skin and your scent, you’re supporting America.

Step up yourShower

Our mission doesn't stop with suds. We guarantee the same level of care and craftsmanship for our hair care, colognes, beard oils, shave kit and all the grooming get up we stamp our name on. Check out the complete Dr. Squatch product line up and turn your shower up a notch.

Your Sudisfaction is guaranteed

We’re confident in your confidence and truly believe our soap stands above the rest. If you use Dr. Squatch and can honestly say it’s not the best bar of soap you’ve ever used, we’ll send you your money back no questions asked.